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The artists
and their abstract art

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Els Bannenberg Vincent
van Oss
Harry Versteegen

The artists of art-abstract introduced briefly

Els Bannenberg; small abstract paintings.

* Concerning her subjects she is most often struck by a simple and concentrated image based on everyday scenes: a small enclosed town garden, a view across plain fens lined with thin trees set out against the sky, a recently stripped building around the corner on the verge of demolition. These images generate whole series of small paintings, painted in acryl in a modern pictorial language of sturdy forms and planes. She favours acrylic paint because she likes to work fast and to put layer upon layer. Recently Els Bannenberg strikes a softer note and her palette has turned more subdued. Thus her newest paintings are intimate with some robust planes intermingled with subtle shifts in tone. Photographs are often the starting point for a new series of paintings, though sometimes her photographs have independent lives. She has an eye for geometrical situations.

Vincent van Oss; abstract art in modern forms.

* Vincent's art is both definitely modern and strictly abstract. He plays with pure form, with colours as a starting point. Vincent cuts out templates with the power of association. He composes the painting by inserting these templates via montage techniques and then painting around them. As a result his art is no abstraction of reality, but a whole new reality, a modern, visual reality with a life of it's own.

Harry Versteegen; stillness in the abstract.

* To Harry an abstract painting is in essence a flatness, a visual area with nevertheless solid forms and shapes that exist in festive minimality. Harry considers abstract art as a domain of freedom, a freedom of pictorial language. His inspiration lies in nature. The colour tones of his paintings are soft and subdued, without any gloss. He sees a painting as an entity of stillness and simplicity, but with a clear presence and power.